What’s The Difference: Modern Farmhouse vs Classic Farmhouse

There’s something about farmhouse style that’s historic in North America, no matter what you call it. With influences from early settlers’ farms, this style looks and feels like it came out of a bygone era (because it did).

The Main Characteristics of Farmhouse Style

This style encompasses the simplified, minimalistic décor of farmhouse homes, which is shaped by the immediate surroundings and functions of the property where the home is built.

Photo by Camylla Battani

Key Features of Classic Farmhouse Style

  • Some type of natural wood incorporated into the interior plays a big part with this house style. The walls of farm houses are usually panelled with wood and the floors are often laid with wide-plank flooring. Frequently, barn board is used to accent wall panels in today’s classic farmhouse style and butcher block is used as a countertop material.
  • A big old porcelain apron sink is a staple in classic farmhouse kitchens. So if you want this look, you need this sink.
  • Antique furniture and accessories are a great way to decorate a farmhouse style house with a classic feel. They may even have weathered finishes, so it’s absolutely okay if they’re not perfect.
  • Florals and paisley are popular in terms of classic fabrics, and slipcovers can help give your vintage furniture a new look.
Photo by Collov Home Design

Key Features of Modern Farmhouse Style

  • Comfortable and practical furniture and accessories are essential in modern farmhouse design. Nothing should be too delicate or valuable should be used regularly, and the room should be thoughfully laid out and welcoming at a moments notice. It should seem as if the room has evolved over the years, and everything is where it’s meant to be.
  • Make your room appear fresh and spacious by choosing a neutral color scheme. With a variety of textures, you can give depth to a neutral palette by keeping patterns simple and contemporary.
  • Mixing old and new furniture is especially popular in modern farmhouse interiors. Antiques have authenticity, while modern furniture is more comfortable and stylish. Additionally, you may want to combine traditional materials such as wood with newer ones such as stainless steel. Wood and metal are besties when it comes to modern farmouse.
  • White siding, black steel roof, wood posts, black or white colonial grill windows… and you’ll be set!

Reclaim, Reuse, Repurpose

From railings to reclaimed wood, acheiving the farmhouse look, whether classic or modern, can often be acheived by working in some found materials and applying a dIY spirit to make a unique feature. Some ideas for this might include:

  • Architectural salvage
  • Barn windows
  • Bardboard
  • Wrought iron
  • Old picture frames
  • Vintage lamps and lighting
  • Wood ladder as a pot hanger over the island
  • Reclaimed wood posts
  • Reclaimed door knobs
  • Penny tile backsplash (real)

In terms of wall treatment, shiplap is a dry wall alternative that pays homage to country living without overtaking the entire modern farmhouse. A limewash on the other hand can brighten the room and enhance the charm of a brickor stone fireplace while highlighting its texture and focal point in the room.

We hope you can now see the subtle differences between classic farmhouse and modern farmhouse design. Have thoughts or comments on your own farmhouse? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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