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Look Inside: Rosseau Prefab Model Walkthrough from Quality Homes

We get a lot of questions about what type of layouts are possible when hiring a prefabricated or modular home builder. And in most scenarios, your imagination is the limit (within the Ontario Building Code, of course). A short while back the folks at Quality Homes shot this video walkthrough of their popular Rosseau model vacation home. And this is a great example of how custom prefab homes or cottages...

What’s The Difference: Modern Farmhouse vs Classic Farmhouse

There's something about farmhouse style that's historic in North America, no matter what you call it. With influences from early settlers' farms, this style looks and feels like it came out of a bygone era (because it did). The Main Characteristics of Farmhouse Style This style encompasses the simplified, minimalistic d├ęcor of farmhouse homes, which is shaped by the immediate surroundings and...

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